Top 7 skin care products


The skin is one of the most important parts of the human body because it is what people see and consider either beautiful or ugly. It is also one of the most exposed parts of the body, meaning skin tissue is at risk from all manner of toxins and dirt in the air. The skin must, therefore, be well taken care of to keep it looking as best as possible. Here are the top seven skin care products that provide the best level of care to the skin.

1. Garnier 5 second blur instant smoother
This product is designed to keep skin pores to a minimum while enhancing the smoothness of the skin. Initial product test results claim that the product has very minimal effects on the visibility of pores as well as skin smoothness. Nevertheless, the testers gave it a good score because it is ideal for reducing skin oiliness. There is also a lot of positive feedback from customers especially those with dry skin. Most people who have used this product have praised it because it effects is evident in a few seconds just as the name suggests and once applied, it can last all day. It is also conveniently priced to offer the best value to the customer. Its average price is $12.

2. SK-II Facial Treatment
This facial treatment essence is one of the most effective skin care products. Its main ingredient is known as Pitera, which is extracted from fermented yeast. One of the reasons why SK-II Facial Treatment is so effective is because Peter provides protection on the skin cells by lessening the swelling in the mouse macrophage cells. It also enhances the barrier functions of the skin thus adding significantly in moisture retention. Roughly 90% of the product is Pitera.

The effects of the product include a glowing, balanced and smooth skin which is what most people seek. The facial treatment essence is also highly appraised by consumers, especially women. The average price of this product is $99.

3. Bioderma sensible H2O
Most people who used beauty products especially makeup just wash off the makeup with water. However, this may cause irritations, but Bioderma sensible H2O is designed to tackle this problem. The product does not contain any soap, but its ph. Solution smoothly eliminates makeup from the consumer’s face with a lot of ease. It has micelles that remove impurities from the skin while maintaining its balance.

The ingredients used to make the product help to preserve the skin while at the same time preventing skin discomfort. The makeup remover is popular in European pharmacies, and it is highly preferred by models especially when they get off the stage. The average pricing of this product is $20.

4. Cell renew hydro-plus overnight moisturiser
This overnight moisturiser is one of the products that act as an overnight conditioner for the skin. Continuous use of this product for one week will provide satisfactory results guaranteed to keep the consumer wanting more. Its effects include restoring the skin’s hydration and therefore giving it a plump appearance.

The product increases the skin’s moisture by 15% in the first four hours after application. Skin moisture is boosted by 35% by the fourth week of continuous use. The overnight moisturiser can achieve this thanks to the Imperata Cylindrica Extract, which helps to maintain moisture in the skin. It also contains sesame seed extracts which lower lip wrinkle by 22% and wrinkle depth by 10%. It, therefore, gives the skin a more youthful appearance. The average price of the Cell Renew Hydro-plus Overnight Moisturizer is $75.

5. Pixi Glow Tonic
The Pixi glow tonic is manufactured by a British firm, and it is one of the highly demanded cosmetics products in its home market. It’s growing demand led to its introduction in the US, to make it accessible to more people.

The product contains fructose and ginseng which assist in making the skin more firms, tighter and toned up. It eliminates dead skin and leaves the skin looking healthier. It does not contain alcohol meaning the chances of this product causing dryness on the skin are reduced. Botanical extracts and Aloe Vera are also some of the ingredients used to make the pixel glow tonic. The product is conveniently priced at $15.

6. The Renewal Oil La Mer
The Renewal oil is perhaps one of the most potent skin care products in the cosmetics market. It is capable of transforming the skin to give it a fresh and renewed look. It is a cocktail of miracle broth and actives derived from the sea which helps to generate more collagen. The product is effective against wrinkles because it gives the skin a firm appearance. The product also strengthens the skin’s protective layer thus helping to ward off damage. The miracle broth is vital in this product because it boosts the skin repair process.

Two or three drop of this oil on a daily basis is enough to induce mesmerising changes to the consumer’s skin. The beauty of this product is that it gives the user the entire package which includes smooth, healthy, glowing and soft skin. All those advantages, however, come with a hefty price tag because the bottle of the La Mer product costs $240.

7. Supermud Clearing
This is one of the products that are recommended especially for people who suffer from acne. An extra kick to this product is that it is suitable for all skin types whether dark or light. It contains a blend of six acids that seek out impurities in the skin and eliminate them, causing the skin pores to shrink in size. The product is so efficient that one single use is enough to make significance changes to the skin. It can be used to remove spots and acne on the skin. It is currently one of the most radical clearing treatments currently in the market. The price for a single bottle of the clearing cream is $69 which is good value for the consumer’s money considering its effective nature.

These products are not only abundant in their availability but also tested and proven to ensure you get the most out of your quests for beautiful skin.

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