Top 10 Makeup Products

Makeup on women makes them look beautiful and helps them to draw attention where ever they are. By applying makeup, they develop their self-confidence, and when they are confident, they can contribute more to their work than what they can do.
Here are the top ten makeup:

1. Face Primer

To have the makeup to stay long on your face, one of the best and most used product is a face primer. After applying this primer onto your face, it creates a barrier and protects your skin from dust and the sun. These primers are very much helpful for them whose skin is oily.

2. Eye Primer

If the makeup of the eye has to stay longer, then eye primer contributes a great deal. The primer is very much helpful for those whose eyelids are oily.

3. Lipstick

It protects the lips by forming a protective layer on them and giving them texture. The lipstick is made such that it is very much smooth and will last longer without any fading of their colour. It maximises their look by pairing them with a lip liner.

4. Concealer

To cover any spots, one of the most commonly used is the Concealer. This just covers the marks and gives an attractive look. It provides excellent coverage of the targets and lasts long. Apart from the foundation and other products, this is used more often.

5. Face Powder

This is used once after the foundation is applied. By using this powder, any blemishes or flaws can be covered. This does not make to feel any itching or break out on the face. This powder is very helpful to those who have an oily face.

6. Foundation

To make the skin on the face to look even, a foundation is used. This makes the skin look good and shining. Especially it is very much helpful for medium and warm skin tones.

7. BB Cream

The abbreviation of BB is Blemish Balm. When applied on the face, it fades the pimples, redness and scars on the skin and makes the skin well. This cream makes the skin white to those whose skin tone is dark. By applying this cream, the skin looks much natural and flawless. Anti ageing, whitening and moisturising of skin are the key features in this cream.

8. Bronzer

This is available in the form of a powder which is applied to the chin, forehead and cheekbones. The idea of this powder is that it makes the skin look tan. This is very much used by those who think their skin is too fair. It will not make a permanent tan on the face, so, it can be easily washed. As this powder contains cocoa, it smells good.

9. Mascara

To thicken and darken of eyelashes, this product is used. Mascara is made up of some particular proteins and minerals, which help the eyelashes to grow thick. This is available in all general colours like black, brown, blue and other solid colours. These are waterproof and do not cause any allergies to the eyelashes.

10. Lip Gloss

This is available in solid as well as partially liquid. After the application of the lip gross on the lips, it gets distributed all over the lips and gives a glassy look. The solution is entirely transparent and gives a shiny texture to the lips.


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