Gents Hair Style

Like fashion, hairstyles are constantly changing, and many want to follow the hairstyles that fashion dictates.
There is always a lot of celebrity that is dictating fashion and some of the most fashionable haircut out there right now is playful and something that is inspired by the 60 ´ties. You will this year see many wearing their hair short on the sides maybe even with an undercut and long on top and often combed or fluffed with some kind on pomade, giving a twist to the standard style.
Some of the hairstyles will have a cut that is long on top, something you will have to manage by using plenty of pomades, giving it a pompadour style and a lot of shine and giving something to play with and set your hair in a new style every day.



Another style you will see this year is longer hair, but not long like in the years of the hippie movement or the 80´ties, it is long and the hair on top of the head it pulled back in a ponytail, leaving the hair in the back of the neck to hang free. It is pulled back tight and also made to shine with pomade or some kind of wax.
In 2016 curly hair is making a comeback and semi long curly hair for men is making a revival, it is a look that leaves some playful style and a lot of free time, it is not long enough to give you a casual look but also short enough to make sure you do not need to do much more than wash it and shake your head and you are out the door.
Last but not least you will see a lot of men with very classic hairstyles, hairstyles you will generally only seen in movies from the 50´ties, very sleek cut and very proper, often with a side parting and with a small amount of pomade to make it shine and make it very easy to manage and to make it stay in place all day.

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