The Best Hair Styling Courses in London

Numerous people from all around the globe make a decision to become hairdressers. It is one of the best professions out there and they are capable of getting work as soon as they are out of school. Becoming a part of the beauty industry is the best thing you can do for yourself because the demand for hair and beauty specialists is very high right now.

It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner, or a seasoned hairdresser – attending hair styling courses will help you improve and you will learn plenty of new and useful tricks. Hair styling is all about creativity and skill, so if you have a knack for it, hair styling courses will inspire you and teach you how to bring your craft to a whole new level. If you are in London, here are some of the best hair styling courses you should check out in that area:

1. London Hair Academy – Professional Hair Styling Course

This intensive course that is taught by some of the best instructors at the London Hair Academy is for absolutely everyone and there are no requirements for getting in. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out with learning, or you have worked as a hairdresser for years – Professional Hair Styling Course will teach you the very basics, as well as the professional fashion hair styling that is often seen on the runways.

You will get to work with high quality hair styling products and receive excellent guidance by experienced hair styling experts. This course gets the highest points from us since the instructors are exceptional and once you complete it, you will know how to create fashion editorial looks, as well as make simple curls using a barrel. This price of this course is £995.

2. Sassoon Academy Courses

Sassoon Academy offers two courses – a twenty-four weeks, and a thirty weeks course. You will receive a diploma after you have completed your training and you will be able to go out and seek employment right away. Twenty-four weeks course is intensive and it includes both theoretical classes, demonstrations, and practical work. Thirty weeks course will allow you much more practice and it is great for beginners who are starting from the scratch.

Once you sign up, you will receive your own professional hair styling kit and you can start learning right away. These courses will teach you absolutely everything you need to know in order to get started and expand your knowledge. There are no requirements and everyone can sign up. The classes are divided into five or six stages. The cost of the twenty-four weeks course is £12,200, while the thirty weeks course costs £14,445.

3. Kevin Fortune Hair Styling Academy Courses

Offering both short term and long term hair styling courses, Kevin Fortune Hair Styling Academy is suitable for both beginners and professionals. Short courses will teach you both basics of hair styling that are used every day, as well as some extras such as how to treat different types of hair or how to handle professional photoshoots and magazine editorials. It is up to you to decide which lessons you want to apply for. The classes are quite small and the instructors will be able to keep a close eye on your work.

Long term hair styling courses feature a variety of classes and it is perfect for expanding your knowledge even further. The only requirement you need is your own hair styling kit and you are good to go. The price of the long-term course is £2225 and it might be the best option for you since you will get a variety of lessons that are taught over the course of three weeks.

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