Organic hair styling products

Organic hair styling products have become essential in this era since all this heat and social pressure on perfect styled and coloured hair have put our hair on the path of destruction. A chemical imbalance can cause hair breakage so can heat and moisture that is a bit too oily that it causes scalp irritation and growth problems. Here are the three organic hair styling products recommended by the industry specialists

NASHI Hair Spray

For all the styling tool obsessed and hair stylists that have to use some heat or styling product every day the best way to keep your hairstyle intact and protect your hair from any chemical damage is to use the organic replacement for hair sprays. NASHI has an extensive line of excellent products among which are the NASHI hair sprays. Completely organic and free from all the sulphates, phosphates, parabens and PPG that are found in traditional sprays

The spray has anti-static properties and holds the hair together without weighing it down.

SAACH Organic Hair Oil

Hair oiling is a must to keep hair healthy and strong. Organic hair oils not only increase hair growth but also keep the scalp healthy and free from processed oils side effects. This organic hair oil helps in replenishing your hair, making it strong and opens up blocked capillaries which consequently cause greater scalp circulation and hair growth.

Intelligent Nutrients Straight Hair Serum

This product is yet again another certified organic hair balm or moisturiser. The organic product is to be used through leave in balm therapies. It protects hair from dryness and lightly holds the hair together for styling. It promotes smooth silky and straight hair as its trademark.

The market has numerous organic styling products. Before any purchase look out for the organic certifications and quality of materials placed in the product. Protect your hair today and invest in organic styling products.

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The Best Hair Styling Courses in London

Numerous people from all around the globe make a decision to become hairdressers. It is one of the best professions out there and they are capable of getting work as soon as they are out of school. Becoming a part of the beauty industry is the best thing you can do for yourself because the demand for hair and beauty specialists is very high right now.

It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner, or a seasoned hairdresser – attending hair styling courses will help you improve and you will learn plenty of new and useful tricks. Hair styling is all about creativity and skill, so if you have a knack for it, hair styling courses will inspire you and teach you how to bring your craft to a whole new level. If you are in London, here are some of the best hair styling courses you should check out in that area:

1. London Hair Academy – Professional Hair Styling Course

This intensive course that is taught by some of the best instructors at the London Hair Academy is for absolutely everyone and there are no requirements for getting in. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out with learning, or you have worked as a hairdresser for years – Professional Hair Styling Course will teach you the very basics, as well as the professional fashion hair styling that is often seen on the runways.

You will get to work with high quality hair styling products and receive excellent guidance by experienced hair styling experts. This course gets the highest points from us since the instructors are exceptional and once you complete it, you will know how to create fashion editorial looks, as well as make simple curls using a barrel. This price of this course is £995.

2. Sassoon Academy Courses

Sassoon Academy offers two courses – a twenty-four weeks, and a thirty weeks course. You will receive a diploma after you have completed your training and you will be able to go out and seek employment right away. Twenty-four weeks course is intensive and it includes both theoretical classes, demonstrations, and practical work. Thirty weeks course will allow you much more practice and it is great for beginners who are starting from the scratch.

Once you sign up, you will receive your own professional hair styling kit and you can start learning right away. These courses will teach you absolutely everything you need to know in order to get started and expand your knowledge. There are no requirements and everyone can sign up. The classes are divided into five or six stages. The cost of the twenty-four weeks course is £12,200, while the thirty weeks course costs £14,445.

3. Kevin Fortune Hair Styling Academy Courses

Offering both short term and long term hair styling courses, Kevin Fortune Hair Styling Academy is suitable for both beginners and professionals. Short courses will teach you both basics of hair styling that are used every day, as well as some extras such as how to treat different types of hair or how to handle professional photoshoots and magazine editorials. It is up to you to decide which lessons you want to apply for. The classes are quite small and the instructors will be able to keep a close eye on your work.

Long term hair styling courses feature a variety of classes and it is perfect for expanding your knowledge even further. The only requirement you need is your own hair styling kit and you are good to go. The price of the long-term course is £2225 and it might be the best option for you since you will get a variety of lessons that are taught over the course of three weeks.

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Gents Hair Style

Like fashion, hairstyles are constantly changing, and many want to follow the hairstyles that fashion dictates.
There is always a lot of celebrity that is dictating fashion and some of the most fashionable haircut out there right now is playful and something that is inspired by the 60 ´ties. You will this year see many wearing their hair short on the sides maybe even with an undercut and long on top and often combed or fluffed with some kind on pomade, giving a twist to the standard style.
Some of the hairstyles will have a cut that is long on top, something you will have to manage by using plenty of pomades, giving it a pompadour style and a lot of shine and giving something to play with and set your hair in a new style every day.



Another style you will see this year is longer hair, but not long like in the years of the hippie movement or the 80´ties, it is long and the hair on top of the head it pulled back in a ponytail, leaving the hair in the back of the neck to hang free. It is pulled back tight and also made to shine with pomade or some kind of wax.
In 2016 curly hair is making a comeback and semi long curly hair for men is making a revival, it is a look that leaves some playful style and a lot of free time, it is not long enough to give you a casual look but also short enough to make sure you do not need to do much more than wash it and shake your head and you are out the door.
Last but not least you will see a lot of men with very classic hairstyles, hairstyles you will generally only seen in movies from the 50´ties, very sleek cut and very proper, often with a side parting and with a small amount of pomade to make it shine and make it very easy to manage and to make it stay in place all day.

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ppd free hair style guide

Do you desire the ultimate signature of beauty and youthfulness? Discover a range of hair dyes that match your personality and dressing style. If you are looking for the best natural dye for your hair, you have come to the right place. Find the safest dye whether you want to mask emerging grey hair or simple chemical-free dyes.
For a long time, women have desired long luxurious hair. Also, many people want a couple of hair colour option to wear interchangeably depending on the mood, occasion and style. Avoid the temptation of picking any dye you see in the cosmetics stores. Instead, insist on natural dyes for your health too.


Check the ingredients of all cosmetics hair colours and dyes before setting on any. Luckily, most European Union countries and Japan have banned the manufacture of products with toxic substances that other countries still permit.



Avoid the following chemical
Pena-phenylenediamine (PPD) is perhaps the most common of all dangerous chemicals. Health experts say that it can cause disorders of the nervous system and lethal allergic reactions. Also, it causes cancers-lungs, kidney and bladder. The following are other chemicals that you need to avoid when buying hair dyes.


Resorcinol- the Cosmetics Safety Database ranks the chemical 8 points out of 10 in the most hazardous hair dye chemicals. Not solely does it irritate your eyes and respiratory system, it is also harmful to the environment.
Ammonia- Even though this chemical is less toxic than PPD, it hurts the skin, respiratory organs and the eyes. It can cause breathing conditions such as asthma.
Persulfates- hair bleaches and dyes use these chemicals even as they are known to irritate eyes, skin, cause lung conditions and asthma. In fact, a 17.5 percent use of a persulfate is harmful, but some manufacturers use as much as 60 percent. These chemicals include ammonia, potassium and sodium.


Hydrogen peroxide- Canada and Japan have banned the use of hydrogen peroxide in the manufacture of all cosmetics. This is because the substance is acid and introduces toxins to three of the most fundamental body systems-digestive, respiratory and nervous system. Experts believe that it can destroy DNA and cause cancer.


Lead Acetate- some colouring products that darken the hair gradually use Lead Acetate even as it causes damage to brain cells and the nervous system.



4- ABP- This is another destructive chemical, as it causes cancer.

Ppd free hair dyes
When buying hair dyes, do not be fooled by manufacturers who use terms to make the product sound safe while it contains harmful chemicals. Words like a natural, an organic and a green might not always be honest.

Manufacturers know that you and other consumers are aware of chemicals in their dyes and colours. While some may claim to be ppd free hair dyes, they may still contain ammonia and other toxic compounds.

Ppd free hair colour
Invest in ppd free hair colour manufactured from organic products. Examples are jojoba, apricot, sunflower seed extract, grape seed, lemon, grapefruit and other oils from natural juicy citrus fruits.
These products can efficiently enhance the natural hue of your hair and conveniently cover greying portions. Also, you can fortify your hair with a boost of natural healthy colour. Most of these are semi – permanent so that you can use them interchangeably.
Ppd free permanent hair dye
Most permanent hair dyes contain a small amount of PPD. The legal maximum is usually 2 percent in most countries, including the United States. For this reason, you will not be wrong to select a ppd free permanent hair dye with less than 2 percent of the chemical.
Remember that most permanent hair dyes are not appropriate for pregnant women and those hoping to get pregnant shortly. According to the National Cancer Institute, the use of dark dyes over a long time tends to cause cancer. You may be safer with non –permanent hair dyes. After all, you can style these more efficiently.
Natural hair colours
Whether you want powder, organic henna or cream, ensure the ingredients of your natural hair colours are well written on the product package. Organic sources of the best natural hair colours are jojoba seed oil, rhubarb root powder and pure essential oils fragrance.
Also, cider vinegar, mint, sage and other natural purifiers introduce subtle highlights to your hair. These products can be used by women across all ages and social class. They are especially ideal for covering grey hair.



Natural hair dyes
Brunettes, blondes and females with other hair varieties can take advantage of numerous natural hair dyes. Men too can use these varieties to conceal greying hair. As they dry up quickly, you can use a different natural hair dye a couple of times in a week.
One of the biggest advantages is that natural hair dyes do not transfer to your clothes, pillows and bedding. The fact that natural products are toxin free means that all users including children are safe.

Most brands come with a preparing shampoo that slightly changes the pH of your hair slightly. This allows more penetration of the dye while ensuring less damage to your hair. Natural hair dyes are free from nonoxynol, resorcinol, perabens, PPD, ammonia and naphtol.

Hair dye without ammonia
Hair dye without ammonia is best for all women, and safer for people who suffer from skin disorders. According to the New York State Department of Health, ammonia causes irritation and abrasion of the skin.

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Top 10 Makeup Products

Makeup on women makes them look beautiful and helps them to draw attention where ever they are. By applying makeup, they develop their self-confidence, and when they are confident, they can contribute more to their work than what they can do.
Here are the top ten makeup:

1. Face Primer

To have the makeup to stay long on your face, one of the best and most used product is a face primer. After applying this primer onto your face, it creates a barrier and protects your skin from dust and the sun. These primers are very much helpful for them whose skin is oily.

2. Eye Primer

If the makeup of the eye has to stay longer, then eye primer contributes a great deal. The primer is very much helpful for those whose eyelids are oily.

3. Lipstick

It protects the lips by forming a protective layer on them and giving them texture. The lipstick is made such that it is very much smooth and will last longer without any fading of their colour. It maximises their look by pairing them with a lip liner.

4. Concealer

To cover any spots, one of the most commonly used is the Concealer. This just covers the marks and gives an attractive look. It provides excellent coverage of the targets and lasts long. Apart from the foundation and other products, this is used more often.

5. Face Powder

This is used once after the foundation is applied. By using this powder, any blemishes or flaws can be covered. This does not make to feel any itching or break out on the face. This powder is very helpful to those who have an oily face.

6. Foundation

To make the skin on the face to look even, a foundation is used. This makes the skin look good and shining. Especially it is very much helpful for medium and warm skin tones.

7. BB Cream

The abbreviation of BB is Blemish Balm. When applied on the face, it fades the pimples, redness and scars on the skin and makes the skin well. This cream makes the skin white to those whose skin tone is dark. By applying this cream, the skin looks much natural and flawless. Anti ageing, whitening and moisturising of skin are the key features in this cream.

8. Bronzer

This is available in the form of a powder which is applied to the chin, forehead and cheekbones. The idea of this powder is that it makes the skin look tan. This is very much used by those who think their skin is too fair. It will not make a permanent tan on the face, so, it can be easily washed. As this powder contains cocoa, it smells good.

9. Mascara

To thicken and darken of eyelashes, this product is used. Mascara is made up of some particular proteins and minerals, which help the eyelashes to grow thick. This is available in all general colours like black, brown, blue and other solid colours. These are waterproof and do not cause any allergies to the eyelashes.

10. Lip Gloss

This is available in solid as well as partially liquid. After the application of the lip gross on the lips, it gets distributed all over the lips and gives a glassy look. The solution is entirely transparent and gives a shiny texture to the lips.


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